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I’m happy to announce the release of our 4th design, TriBeCa.

(click to make bigger)

(click to make bigger)

Here are the major features I think you’ll enjoy:

  • Images advance quickly as a low res fpo loads first then the original image snaps into place (this is optional).
  • All galleries are represented by a thumbnail image for quick viewing.
  • The Menu is hidden but appears when you mouse-over the top menu bar.
  • The Thumbnails load in the background and are hidden until you chose to view them with the mouse navigation or the text/icon link.
  • All the features along the bottom navigation bar can be customized (insert your own labels, use icons, text or both).
  • As with our other sites you have full control over the colors, fonts, logo, galleries, categories, pages, video, border widths, image size, number of images, number of galleries…
  • *bonus: when clients head for the url box in their browser to visit another site the menu drops down for one last chance to check out more work*

Design 4 Clients

I hope you enjoy our latest design. I think it’s fantastic.

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