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Love how Kristianne Koch designed her site with different thumbnails depending on the gallery content, information up top on the menu and text pages inside the galleries. Just how we envisioned: that the sites adapt to the person and work, yet remain clean and functional.

See her site live here ☞

Kristianne Kioh

Here’s what that means:

The website template industry is very crowded. The CEO of Livebooks attributed their recent struggles and near demise before being bought by Wedding Wire to this very fact: “Patrick acknowledged that liveBooks has struggled financially in recent months. ‘We got to the point where we needed both financial support and people to continue to do what we’ve been doing.’ Patrick attributed the problems to increased competition–there are now 25 or 30 firms providing websites for photographers” (PDN Pulse story here). And, all of these companies want to attract a huge number of users so they aim their offerings at amateurs.

We cater to professionals. We created the first scaling template over 5 years ago because it didn’t exist and professionals wanted one. We were first with video, iphone sites, ipad sites, redundant navigation, social media icons, custom typography, ftp access, wordpress blogs, clean url’s, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited images, upload your own logo, change your own colors… because professionals wanted this

Now we lead the industry with professional features we invented:

- Patent-pending front facing site editor that is push-button and drag-and-drop.
- PDF portfolio creator
- iPad App (hand out ipads with your site app locked on the screen)
- Combine images, video and text in any gallery
- Place images, video, links and social icons anywhere on the menu
- Custom thumbnails for each gallery with 3 sizes, 4 positions and 4 styles
- client area

We will continue to lead: we put an update button inside our admin so you can enjoy our latest features for life.

So, the industry is huge and you may not need what we offer (we get that) but if you need professional features and industry leading innovation: Welcome.

Rob Haggart, Founder


Over the last 4 years PDN (Photo District News) has awarded 19 photographers using our sites Best Website Design (8 in 2013). I’m very grateful to all the people who design beautiful award winning websites with the tools we give them. It’s a true testament to the power and flexibility of our customizable templates that the awards keep coming.


New Thumbnail Strip Feature

A truly awesome new feature that can add a strip of thumbs to all your media items.


Impress your clients with thumbnails that match the content.

Thumbs are activated on a per gallery basis, so you can have a grid on items with lots of content and those with fewer things can be a strip.


Customizations that make your site unique.

The new thumbnail strip can be positioned on the top, bottom, left or right of the image box. It can overlay the image or displace it, you can choose between 3 different sizes, plus our popular “on by default” setting.


Improved iPad and iPhone Versions

First, we’ve made improvements to the iPhone (mobile) and iPad (pad) versions of the Design X sites. The menu, swipe and other parts of these custom versions of the site are greatly improved.

Next we are give you the option to turn off the custom version and show the desktop version of your site on mobile, pad or both device types. Looks incredible:


More, More, Always More

★ Gif support on the html version of the site
★ Contact page design improvements
★ Email this image design improvements
★ Improved sharpening in the Safari browser
★ Removed navbar from landing page slideshow
★ Removed navbar from single pages
★ Added cursor navigation to text pages

Existing customers only have to hit the UPDATE button in their admin to start using these exciting new features.

Listen in as Michael Bilbrey, senior production consultant at Leo Burnett USA uses Chris Litwin’s APhotoFolio site to show what makes an effective website.

I found this particularly interesting:

I can’t remember the last time I called in a physical book.

A website is THE most imporant sef promotion tool of a photographer of illustrator.

It has to be easy to navigate and manage.

It has to be clean.

The key about a website is it has to be easy to navigate, has to download quickly, it has to be a quick read. In the world of competitive bidding you’re looking at a dozen or more websites. So, if you go to a website and it’s cumbersome to work you will pass it up and go to the next one.

Watch the website portion here:

Watch the whole event here:

ASMP business as unusual

I couldn’t be more thrilled to see an advertising production consultant endorse what we do.


Edit Drop is the simple, powerful, professional solution for delivering shoots to your clients. Exclusively available for APhotoFolio users at 1GB of storage, you can also upgrade to 50 and 100GB for $99 and $199 a year respectively.

Edit Drop Is Getting Better All The Time

We’ve been making lots of improvements including a few highly requested features:

1. Download an entire shoot with one click.

2. Download only your selects from a shoot with one click.

3. Preventing “right-click” and desktop dragging on images when downloading is not permitted.

Visit to sign up for your free access.

More improvements on the way.

Rob Haggart,

We've added a couple new features to Design X that I'm excited about:

Native Image Size. This brings the upper size limit for image scaling (Design 5) to Design X with a sweet new twist. Images will scale up until you hit their physical size. What's great is each image is handled individually so an 800px image will stop there but an 1800px image will keep going. It's a feature you will only find here and photographers who want to mix older and newer material will love it. You will find this new setting under Website Design –> Images & Video –> Image Scale Type.

Native Images

Facebook Open Graph. We've integrated Facebook's open graph protocol into the design. This will allow your website pages better interaction with Facebook. We've also created a way to designate a thumbnail to represent your site on Facebook posts. To use this new feature open the Account panel in your admin tab and select the Facebook Metadata dropdown.

Facebook Thumbnail

Full Screen Vertical Images. We love fullscreen images! In the past you could not have any single verticals on the site (if you chose full for image size) or they would be cropped beyond recognition. Problem solved in this update, because we recognize verticals and only fit them now.

SEO Improvements. We keep an eye on google, because they adjust their search algorithm all the time, so we made a couple tweaks to improve search results. 

Existing customers can hit the update button to add these new features to their Design X site.

We’ve added a couple new features to Design X that I think you will really like:

Thumbnails First. This is a very popular feature from Design 7 Midtown that makes your website very client friendly (shows the thumbs of the entire gallery first). We’ve added a new twist to this in Design X, so that you can select specific galleries to open with “thumbs first” when clicking on them. (In the media library you will see a thumb icon next to each gallery where you can activate this feature.)

New Thumbnail Style: Masonry. We have an new thumbnail style called “Masonry” that fits the thumbs together like a mason fitting stones in a wall.


(In the media library you will see a thumb icon next to each gallery where you can activate this feature.)

iPad Thumbs. We turned on the thumbs for the iPad version of the site.


     Side Note. In Design X you can already upload a custom thumbnail for each image, so we can’t wait to see what you do with these new features.

More Browsers Showing HTML Version. We now have Internet Explorer 9,10 and Opera along with previously working Safari, Chrome and FireFox showing the HTML5 version of your site (when selected). As the browser developers advance their technology we are phasing out flash completely from our websites.

I’m excited to announce a couple new features to Design X that are minor, but provide some interesting possibilities nonetheless.

Picture Margin Settings. This setting allows a margin around the images and video that is separate from the overall website container. In the Website Design panel under Images & Video you will find margin settings for this. This will give you a nice matting effect and if you use a percentage will allow image sizes to be constrained somewhat similar to Design 5.

Captions On By Default. This setting can be found under Caption and will allow your captions to always show. Combine this with a bottom margin setting from above and you will have a nice blank spot for the captions to reside. Nice!

New Social Media Icons. We added new icons for Vimeo, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, Blogs, WordPress, Blogger, Flickr and YouTube.

Improved Stats Code. If you want to use stats code in addition to or besides Google Analytics we now have a way to do that.