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Our popular web app has three professional upgrades that are available now for all users.


Video. Remember when cameras only shot images? Now it seems like everyone wants video, so we added the ability to upload videos to any shoot.

Auto Login. Yeah we know… your clients don’t remember passwords and don’t want another account to log into either. So, we fixed that. Now, when they get a new shoot notification the link logs them in automatically. As a bonus, anyone they send the link to, can login automatically as well. Making things easy for your clients is our specialty.

Tabs. We wanted to put the files/assets in a more visible location on the page and now that we’ve added video we decided to create tabs for the images, video and files.

Edit Drop is the simple, powerful, professional solution for delivering shoots to your clients. Exclusively available for APhotoFolio users at 1GB of storage, you can also upgrade to 50 and 100GB for $99 and $199 a year respectively.

Visit to sign up for your free access.


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