Photo Folio News Website Comparison Sheet (All Sites)

Onetime cost: $1000 (that’s it, nothing extra to buy)
Recurring cost: $17/month

Bandwidth/Monthly Traffic: Virtually Unlimited
Storage Space: Virtually Unlimited

Image Size: Unlimited (you can load any size image you want)
Number of Images Per Portfolio: Unlimited
Number of Image Portfolios: Unlimited
Number of Pages: Unlimited
Number of Images I Can Upload At Once: Unlimited
Number of Links on the menu: Unlimited
Number of Links on the pages: Unlimited

Video: Yes
Video Size: Unlimited
Number of Videos: Unlimited

Blog: Yes, installed with your site

Deep Linking: Yes (clients can email a link to individual images)

Google Analytics: Yes (paste the code in the admin stats box and you’re good to go)

HTML Mirror Site For SEO: Yes
IPhone Mirror Site: Yes
Mobile Mirror Site: Yes (for blackberry and palm phones)

Image Captions: Yes, unlimited
Can I Combine Two Singles Into A Spread: Yes

Email Addresses: 50
Email Storage: 7.3 GB per address
Spam Protection: Yes, via google apps (the most powerful there is)

FTP access for sending client files: yes
FTP access for building client lightboxes: yes

Password protect or hide galleries for clients: yes, unlimited

Can I upload and position my logo on my own: yes
Can I change all the colors on the site on my own: yes
Can I change the fonts on my own: yes
Can I add text and pictures to the pages whenever I want: yes
Can I add links out from the menu or pages whenever I want: yes
Can I make email addresses “hot” so they open email programs whenever I want: yes
Can I move galleries and pictures around and rename stuff whenever I want: yes, yes, yes

Can I have a slideshow on the opening page: yes
Can I have a flash opener: yes
Can I have an html opener with links to other sites including the fullscreen version: yes

How long does it take to launch a site: 2 hours to 1 day depending on how decisive you are

Can I switch designs: yes, once for free and for $100 thereafter (we will have at least 3 new designs a year)
Will all my images, galleries and pages stay intact if I switch designs: yes

PDF download of galleries: no (it IS possible to create a PDF for clients to download from the menu)
Music: no
Slideshows in individual galleries: no

Do you put a link on all the templates like “created by,” so viewers know I’m using a template: no

Email me if you have any questions- Rob

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