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An important component to any Flash website is the HTML mirror site. We mirror our sites so search engines (google, bing, yahoo) can see inside them and index all the content. Google recommends doing this in their webmaster guidelines (here and here) and we’ve seen solid SEO results using this technique.

As a company we believe very strongly in evolving anything that we build, so I’m happy to announce an update to the HTML mirror of all our sites. With this update, our mirror now leads the industry in design and function.

Here are some of the changes we’ve made:

  • Easily crawlable, SEO-friendly URLs
  • Valid HTML5 pages
  • Unique browser titles and content for every single page
  • Support for redirects (improves link juice for your blog, facebook page, etc.)
  • Thorough use of image captions to improve SEO (make sure to caption your images in your admin)
  • Automatically detects the Flash Player and redirects users to your main APF site (if your /html/ site ranks well, visitors will still see your Flash site)
  • Also redirects to your iPad site when Mobile Safari is detected
  • Clean, simple interface for users without Flash installed


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