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We added some cool new features to all the designs.

Here are a few of the changes you will notice on the surface:

The navbar (bottom navigation) can be positioned on the left (see it here)  or center (see it here) and each item is now represented by an icon and/or text label, plus you have full control over what is displayed (names, order, size).

navbar center

(click to see larger)

navbar left

You can now choose between 4 different kinds of arrows for the mouse navigation.


There are now 11 different image transitions available (you can also set how long the transition takes to happen).

Image transition

There are now 7 different menu item indicators available (tells you where you are in the menu).

menu indicators

The menu text can be anchored to the top, middle or bottom of the menu.


We built a new scrollbar and have settings so you can adjust the position (left, right plus horizontal and vertical offsets), width and transparency.


Design 3 thumbs now slide in from the right and you can adjust the background transparency.

d3 thumbs

Design 2 has 12 possible thumbnail display options. You can choose between 1 and 4 columns of thumbs and between small and large sizes.


Videos now come with captions. The captioning system has a unique feature that allows you to change what the caption says as the video is playing. Have a look (here).


Finally, we’ve added the ability to put clickable social networking icons on your menu.

d3 social networking socialIcons d2

BONUS: You can now use the scroll wheel on your mouse to scroll the thumbs and text pages.

Don’t forget that changing colors, adding a logo, video, homepage slideshow, custom contact form, custom fonts and changing images, text, pages and galleries whenever you want all comes standard with our websites. Making changes to your site without calling a programmer is a core belief here at APF.


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