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We've added a couple new features to Design X that I'm excited about:

Native Image Size. This brings the upper size limit for image scaling (Design 5) to Design X with a sweet new twist. Images will scale up until you hit their physical size. What's great is each image is handled individually so an 800px image will stop there but an 1800px image will keep going. It's a feature you will only find here and photographers who want to mix older and newer material will love it. You will find this new setting under Website Design –> Images & Video –> Image Scale Type.

Native Images

Facebook Open Graph. We've integrated Facebook's open graph protocol into the design. This will allow your website pages better interaction with Facebook. We've also created a way to designate a thumbnail to represent your site on Facebook posts. To use this new feature open the Account panel in your admin tab and select the Facebook Metadata dropdown.

Facebook Thumbnail

Full Screen Vertical Images. We love fullscreen images! In the past you could not have any single verticals on the site (if you chose full for image size) or they would be cropped beyond recognition. Problem solved in this update, because we recognize verticals and only fit them now.

SEO Improvements. We keep an eye on google, because they adjust their search algorithm all the time, so we made a couple tweaks to improve search results. 

Existing customers can hit the update button to add these new features to their Design X site.

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