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PhotoFolio was founded in 2008 by Rob Haggart who had spent the previous 8 years as the Director of Photography for Men’s Journal and Outside Magazine. When hiring photographers to shoot for those magazines he looked at thousands and thousands of websites and over the years developed a list of user friendly features that would become the foundation of PhotoFolio.


Several of the top commercial and editorial photographers in the industry became our very first customers and have helped guide PhotoFolio to develop features that can only be found here. As we’ve grown from a handful to thousands of professional photographers using our software we’ve listened to their needs the entire way.


We come from the client perspective and our goal is to build sites that they find enjoyable to use and easy to operate. Along the way we’ve incorporated features photographers needed to make a strong impression. Our software has been perfected over the years by listening to both the user and the owner of the website.


Websites should be easy to operate and feature rich without fuss. We started by inventing the only customizable template in the industry and we went on to quickly pioneer new features for our users first. Our high profile customers forced us to become relentless with the details and polish. Their clients wanted simplicity and ease of use. This is our lifelong pursuit. We stay at the cutting edge with constant feature releases, we dig into the details and polish, then simplify so your clients keep coming back.


Kevin Arnold Professional Photographer
Berry Behrendt Professional Photographer
Francesco Tonelli Professional Photographer
Studio Miguel Illustration, Retouching and Typography
Andrew Hetherington Professional Photographer
José Mandojana Professional Photographer
Stefan Isaksson Professional Photographer
Steven Simko Professional Photographer
Glen Wexler Professional Photographer
Peter Westrup Professional Photographer
Kang Kim Professional Photographer
Benedict Evans Professional Photographer
Warwick Saint Professional Photographer
Stephanie Rausser Professional Photographer


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Rob Haggart


Prior to founding PhotoFolio, Rob was the Director of Photography for Men’s Journal and Outside Magazine. He created PhotoFolio from the clients point of view.

Kent Akins


Kent leads the development and design of PhotoFolio. His blood and sweat is in the code and pixels of our website, which sounds icky, but think of a blacksmith and you get the picture. He hammers and bends the code into shape.

Erik Dungan


Erik is a serial developer who created the first version of our software and many tools we use behind the scenes. He’s always got something cooking.

Sven Brunso


Sven is head of Sales and Marketing at Photo Folio.

Jeff Cato


Jeff is working with Kent on improving and refining Design X. He is learning how to pound code and pixels into shape.

Charlie Ussery

Technical Support and Billing

Charlie handles technical support and billing for our websites. He can look under the hood if necessary. Support tickets go to him, Matt or Jon.

Matthew Sarr

Customer Support

Matt is a customer service Ninja. Everyone should have one of these.

Jon Foley

Customer Support

Jon is a customer support ninja now too.


You have no idea how much money and time I’ve wasted trying to get a decent site.  I realized right away that this is the site I’d been trying to get by throwing money away to super expensive web designers.  The more I move forward with you guys, the happier I am so THANK YOU!

Brooke, Web Client

I am so happy right now, how often do you do something work-related and say  ‘wow, that was so much easier than i thought it would be” I love the interface.

Diana Mulvihill, Website Owner

I love that I am not a computer website designer and the ability for me to customize my site is so intuitive.  Your video tutorial’s are great.  I am really happy that I chose your platform.

Lyssa, Website Owner

Just wanna say you guys have amazing customer service. I have never dealt with a company that was so responsive and communicative and never condescending on tech issues.

Jen, Website Owner

I love the back-end and have never had an easier time updating and customizing my site.

Kristianne, Website Owner

I am so happy I have you and your team watching my website back. Your product is fantastic, but who new the support would be as amazing.

Len, Website Owner

My clients and a few prospects have commented on how easy it is to view my work, including the video.

Steven, Website Owner

I am amazed at the control one has over your site template. I had never been interested in templates sites before now and I can see with a little more time, it will be like designing a site from scratch without having to do any programming.

Bruce, Website Owner

I was seduced by how spectacular the images looked on the websites.

Michael Clark, Website Owner

I wanted to let you know that your product is bar none, the best available as is your staff. I could literally file a support ticket and (not including the automated response) would often times have a response in less than two minutes.

Erik Skaar, Website Owner

I love my portfolio on A PhotoFolio because it allows me the amount of control and customization that I would want in a website without having to keep my head in a book for a month learning Flash or HTML.

Mechelle LaVelle, Website Owner

My new aphotofolio site is now live, and I just wanted to tell you how fantastic the service is and how excited I am to be using it. Everything from initial implementation through tech support and going live was a pleasure.

Luke Copping, Website Owner

A Photo Folio is without question the best website I’ve ever had. I launched only recently, but already see an increase in inquiries from a variety of client types.

Kevin Brown, Website Owner – quickly becoming known as the Lamborghini of professional portfolio sites

Nick Lovell, Web Client

Launched my site this week and sent out an email promo to my advertising client list on my new site and landed a $20k ad job within 30 minutes. Your site paid for itself!

Douglass, Web Client

Building your own website is so yesterday, too much work, time and $$$. After looking all over I decided to use A Photo Folio.

JoSon, Website Owner

Charlie Ussery on the AFP Help Desk was great – he got to my ticket very quickly, was personable, and couldn’t have made it easier.

Moya, Website Owner

Thoroughly enjoying my relaunch experience with APF. You may be interested to know that with a new site from A Photo Folio, I’m looking at 75% new visitors whose stay on my site went from 3 to 7 minutes and a bounce rate that has gone from 50% to 15%.

Craig, Website Owner

Every single thing that I do in terms of promotional or marketing is to try and drive people to the website. Your website today is the most important marketing tool that you’ve got. You want to make sure you’ve absolutely got a great website.

Brian Daniels, Website Owner


  • Upfront Fee
  • Space
  • Traffic (bandwidth)
  • Galleries, Videos, Pages
  • Mobile and Pad Version
  • iPad App
  • Blog
  • FTP Access
  • PDF Creator
  • Secure Backup
  • Customer Service
  • Sales/Licensing

No Upfront Fee


  • None ($0)
  • 17 GB
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Included
  • Yes
  • Free Wordpress
  • Yes
  • Included
  • Absolutely
  • The Best!
  • Yes, through (Fotomoto)

4 Easy Payments


  • $250 X 4 Months
  • 17 GB
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Included
  • Yes
  • Free Wordpress
  • Yes
  • Included
  • Absolutely
  • The Best!
  • Yes, through (Fotomoto)

One Time Upfront Fee


  • $1000 One Time
  • 17 GB
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Included
  • Yes
  • Free Wordpress
  • Yes
  • Included
  • Absolutely
  • The Best!
  • Yes, through (Fotomoto)


1.How much does a PhotoFolio website cost?

There are three-pricing options for your PhotoFolio subscription.

1. $1,000 one time setup + $17/month ( includes hosting, maintenance, upgrades and support)

2. $1,000 set-up in 4 monthly installments of $250 + $17/month (includes hosting, maintenance, upgrades and support)

3. $34/Month, no setup fee (includes hosting, maintenance, upgrades and support) All these options are equal at 5 years. Paying the $1,000 up front is the best option for customers that know they are going to have a PhotoFolio website for 5 or more years as the monthly cost of ownership is half-price from year 5 and beyond.

All three of the options provide you complete access to the PhotoFolio DesignX platform, which is the most awarded website software in the world.

*Yes, we know you can buy a website for $9 a month. This is not a $9 website. We have features that can only be found here and we are invested in your success, not the success of investors (that’s why they cost $9). Let us prove it to you.

**Once you subscribe we guarantee that your monthly rate will not increase during your subscription to a PhotoFolio. In addition, we won’t ask you to pay more for future upgrades or new versions. We make frequent updates and add new features regularly and those all flow your way at no cost. Once you are in the PhotoFolio family the benefits keep on coming.

2.Are there any long-term contracts or cancellation fees?

No. The hosting of your site is month-to-month service. You can cancel at any time. In order to receive a refund of the onetime fee cancel within 31 days of purchase.

3.Is there a discount for 2nd and 3rd sites?

Yes. We offer subsequent (2nd, 3rd, 4th…) site purchases at $500 plus $17/month each. After you purchase your first site with us you can take advantage of this whenever you like. Simply submit a support ticket with your request and they will send you a payment link.

4.How do I subscribe?

First step is to create a FREE 14-day demo. Once you signup we will email you information on how to login and get started designing your site. We will also include a unique url link to subscribe to your website. Once you signup for the demo, you can subscribe anytime (You don’t need to wait for the 14 day trial to end) using the link. Simply select the subscription you would like to purchase. We will then send you an email with instructions on how to make your new website live.

5.Do you have website templates?

Yes, we have just released a brand new feature called “Designs” which is our version of templates, but unlike traditional templates, which are inherently restrictive, these designs can be fully customized without limitation. The “designs” provide instant access to pre-constructed sites that mirror much of the layout and functionality of some of our more popular websites. Currently, there are 6 pre-built designs including layouts with a top, bottom and left/right menus.

To get an idea of the variety of websites created using our DesignX platform, we invite you to take a look at “Our Clients” section of the website. These sites were all created using our patent pending software.

6.What is the best way to use the FREE 14-day trial?

The trial is intended to give you an opportunity to test-drive the software and experience the power of the DesignX platform. It is recommended that trial users watch the DesignX manual ( to get a feel for how best to start using their demo site. Your trial gives you full access to our program and any work you do to the demo site will be saved and moved to your active account if you subscribe at the end of the trial. We recommend that you use some of your own images into the trial so you can see the ease of importing and also see how good your images look when using the PhotoFolio program.

7.Do you have print sales and or licensing?

You have 3 options for print sales and licensing:

1. We have an inquiry button that can be added to all images and video which allows people to contact you directly about licensing and print sales (bespoke sales).

2. We have integrated FotoMoto into the site which allows you to setup a store and makes sales directly on the website.

3. You can easily link off our APF site to many of the e-commerce companies in the world and even embed a search box on a text page for convenience.

8.I need a domain name do you provide those?

We recommend, and for purchasing domain names (Note: you can use any service you like for this). We do not provide domain registration, but do provide hosting and connection to email, so make sure you only register a domain name with them.

9.Can I make changes to the site after it is live?

Yes, in fact the site is always live we just keep it on a temporary url that cannot be searched until you are ready to make it live on your own url. You can change anything you want at any time.

10.Are the sites SEO-friendly?

They are very friendly, in fact. Our team has expertise in optimizing websites for search engines. Here are just a few features that ensure your site will be visible and well-ranked:
1. Easily control your site’s browser title, description and meta information.
2. We use best-practices for embedding content, ensuring search engines crawl your pages.
3. Every site is built in HTML with search engine-friendly URLs and properly tagged images.
4. We can optionally install a WordPress blog, which search engines love..
5. All sites can easily be connected to social media (twitter, facebook, linkedin, instagram, etc.) which is powerful for SEO

11.Can I add my own font to my site?

Of course you can, typography is very important to us and our clients. You will need to provide the font in in .ttf (or .otf) and .woff formats for embedding. We have also hand selected 36 of the best google fonts that are pre-installed with all sites.

12.How Often Do You Add New Features And Are There Any Fees To Upgrade?

We provide free upgrades to your site for life, for free. In fact, we are the first in the industry to create an update button in the admin of your site, so new features can be added by you anytime they are available. We try to release new stuff every 1 – 3 months.

13.Do you provide email?

We can connect your website to Gmail for business (Google Apps) or you can use email from a domain registrar like network solutions who generally offer it cheaper than google apps.

We do not directly provide email because email is mission critical for businesses and doing it right is actually quite difficult. I would be very hesitant to use email from a company that doesn’t specialize in it, because there’s a huge difference between sending email and delivering email. Deliverability means your email lands in the inbox. You’d be surprised at how many emails don’t make it to their destination if not handled correctly. Don’t make this mistake with your business. Work with a company like Google that are experts in email deliverability.

14.Can I have a blog on a PhotoFolio website?

As a convenience, we are happy to integrate your existing blog, from providers such as WordPress or Tumblr, onto your PhotoFolio website. The blog will be installed on the domain but not inside the site. You have to add your own theme and plugins and be responsible for managing the blog externally.

15.Do you have password protected galleries?

Yes, you can create unlimited password protected galleries that can only be accessed by viewers that have been provided with a password.

16.Can I use FTP to send files to my clients?

Yes, many of our website owners use the full FTP that comes with their site and the 17GB of storage to transfer files to clients. You use any FTP client (transmit, cyberduck, filezilla) to upload files or Lightroom galleries then simply send your clients a link. This is how the pros do it.

17.Do you backup the websites?

Absolutely, and we keep a copy of all the sites in a secure location on tape (double redundant). We perform backups every single night.



For Sales Questions
please reach out to Sven Brunso:

Technical Support

For Technical Support Questions
please submit a support ticket or browse our help pages.

Speak With The Founder/CEO

To Speak with Rob Haggart the CEO of PhotoFolio, try one of these:
tel: 917-512-5335

1308 Monterey St, Suite 240
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
United States

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