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We just added an awesome new feature to all the sites: a portfolio PDF creator. What makes this feature so great is that it’s 1000 times more useful than the PDF’s you will find on other portfolio websites. First off, I’m not going to take any credit for this thing besides recognizing a useful tool when I see it. One of our clients, photographer Timothy Devine has it on his site and I begged him to tell me where he got it (his brother made it and made a similar one for us). See it in action here:

What’s so awesome about this tool is how it allows your clients to make their own custom PDF of your work by selecting the images they want and the order they want them to appear in. This solves the two big problems with most portfolio PDF’s that make them universally useless:

  1. They’re usually too big and take forever to download
  2. They usually contain unwanted images

If you think about this from the clients prospective (which is all I really do) there’s no reason to download a pdf with a bunch of images you don’t like. If you’re sending it to your boss it will hurt your chances of hiring a photographer you want for a job. If you’re keeping it for reference it’s too unwieldy to keep around.

Finally, the simplicity and ease of use follows our design philosophy.

I can also see photographers using it themselves to make custom PDF’s to send to clients (you can change the cover page and adjust the size in a special settings area).



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