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Our site builder is Patented for its ease of use.


Big Photos

We call it “dynamic photo resizing.” The image will resize to fit any screen from a 11″ laptop to a 30″ cinema display. Yes, really.

Big Video

Videos scale to fit any size screen. Again, YES. We’re excited as you are. Plus you can choose between Vimeo embedding or custom video.

Customize Everything

You can adjust the colors, size and position of nearly everything. Choose among “pro” fonts or we’ll upload your own custom font. And of course you have complete control over your logo, intro and landing pages.

Navigation Everywhere

We put the advance and forward buttons on the bottom of the web page, on the mouse cursor (click on the image) and on the keyboard (click the left and right arrows). Your clients love this.

Unlimited Content

There’s no limit to the number of images, videos, pages, links, galleries and categories you can have. With 17GB of storage there’s room for everything.