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I think there are a lot of websites out there besides just ours that do a fine job of presenting images to potential clients. I think many of them fall short in the very tiny details that make the viewing experience an exceptional one.

Things like:

  • Images that fit whatever screen the viewer is on
  • Clicking an image to advance to the next
  • Using the keyboard arrows to advance
  • Emailing a specific image out of your portfolio
  • A unique url to each image that makes sense
  • Clicking the browser back button and actually going back one image
  • Thumbnails that are big enough so you can actually see the image
  • iPhone compatibility
  • Palm phone compatibility
  • Blackberry compatibility
  • Easy to locate phone numbers and email
  • A blog that’s on your url

These are just pesky little details to some but they are so very important to APhotoFolio websites.

Many of you agree.

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