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I have a couple updates to announce for Design X.

First, we brought our popular PDF creator over to this design and in doing so added a ton of adjustments so you can control the look and feel of it. It’s got lots of new features compared to the previous version and I know you and your clients will love using it.

Next, we changed the color of the admin from black to grey which makes it much easier to read and work with.

Finally, since we first announced Design X back in August we’ve made a nonstop stream of improvements to the stability and polish of the design. Too many to list but here are a few highlights:

Option to use browser title for all page titles (can be found under Account Site SEO Info)
Hardware Acceleration
Added text pages to intro slideshow
iPad menu improvements
Google Analytics reporting improvements
International font character improvements
Hidden and password protected gallery improvements
Added custom Retina logos for iPhone, iPad and Macs
Created Retina thumbnails
Better match between flash admin and html site

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