Photo Folio News

Right after the release of TriBeCa we had several more weeks of debugging and making minor adjustments to the design based on feedback from the photographers using it.

Next, we preformed a major overhaul of the deep linking. One issue I was having because we create clean url’s (actual words not a string of gibberish) was getting foreign characters, symbols and punctuation to work. Since the category/page/gallery name is used in the url this prevented people from using that kind of stuff when naming things. Problem solved with the overhaul.

Then, I had requests from our photographers for various features like using the left and right keyboard arrows to advance the images (done), justify left for the menu text on design 1 and 3 (done), a randomizer in the initial slideshow for design 3 so a different image order is displayed each time someone visits the site (done) and the initial loading indicator needed to display longer so we fixed that (done).

Finally, we’ve been working hard on building a client area that can be added to all the sites. This will allow your clients the ability to log in with a unique username and password to see all their shoots. Then they can download images, leave comments and mark their selects. I think it’s going to be a fantastic addition to APF.

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