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At first glance it might seem strange that we have a Design 5 (Chelsea), because everything on it besides the ability to enter an upper limit for the size of the picture box is exactly the same as Design 3 (Brooklyn Bridge). Except, there is one other fundamental difference in the way the menu behaves. The menu on Design 3 is fixed to the left side of the screen (you can still adjust border and menu widths). The menu on Design 5 is fixed to the side of the images (you can still adjust spacing).

Here’s an example where we have a site in a browser window and we make the window more horizontal (by dragging the window out to the right) to show you that behavior.

Design 5 – Chelsea

Antonin Kratochvil1

Antonin Kratochvil2

Design 3 – Brooklyn Bridge

Randal Ford1

Randal Ford2

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