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I’m excited about the addition of our wildly popular PDF builder to Design X. In true APhotoFolio form we’ve add a slew of controls to customize the look and feel of the builder, so now it’s better than ever.

PDF Builder Control Panel

For those of you unfamiliar with the PDF builder it’s a web app that allows people to build a custom PDF of your work. You can link to it from the front of your site or keep it hidden for personal use by you and select clients. If you are thinking “this is 2012, why are we making PDF’s” let me explain why clients love PDF’s and our builder in particular.

Your clients love APF websites because the images are big and impressive, but the thumbnails allow them to quickly scan the work to find images that are relevant to a job they have. The PDF builder is a giant contact sheet of all your work and it allows them to go in and select the most relevant images, create a portfolio of them, and download it to their desktop. They can even do this on an iPhone or iPad on the go.

A PDF portfolio of their favorite images is a powerful thing, because the format is universal and it can be emailed, printed and stored for later use. We’ve discovered that Art Buyers and Photo Editor prefer this to lightboxes, because it’s so quick and easy to use.

APhotoFolio is known for innovation and the PDF builder can only be found on our websites.

PDF Builder

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